The Spacemaster body offers an enclosed work area plus four lift-up doors with pneumatic struts and T-handle locks. Upper roadside compartments permit direct access from the interior.

All models are available in fuel-saving aluminum or heavy-duty galvannealed steel and are protected by Reading’s exclusive Triple Protection E-coat primer and powder coat finish.

Spacemaster bodies are built on the Reading Classic II service body and are available in heights of 48″ and 57″. The Classic II™ steel service body, available for both single rear wheel and dual wheel chassis, is built with premium A60 coating-weight steel construction and our exclusive Triple Protection E-coat primer and powder coat finish to resist corrosion better than any other truck body on the market. The Reading Classic II™ offers features not found on any other service truck body. Our pressed diamond plate floor and inner tailgate surface provides superior strength and durability. Our patented hidden hinge system is fully adjustable and theft-resistant. Our exclusive Dual-Pro® seal system offers expanded door clearances and superior weather protection. And that’s just the beginning. Add our industry-leading 6-year limited warranty and it’s easy to see why there’s No Body Better than the Classic II™.




Industry-exclusive overlapping door construction resists forcible entry. Robust, concealed hinge design provides protection against corrosion without requiring frequent lubrication or maintenance. Fully adjustable and easily replaced without damage to body or door.

Features a polished, stainless steel handle and double-panel construction. Stainless steel locking rods, hinge rods and striker channels.

Prevents body damage and provides slip-resistant step surface. E-coat prime and white powder coat finish.

All vertical compartment doors are equipped with nitrogen strut door holders. Internal dampeners control the opening and closing of doors.

Rubber isolated for improved leak resistance.

Double-panel construction with internal reinforcement for added strength.

Large, automotive quality bubble-type seal and mechanical seal provide a dual line of defense against weather. Patented design increases clear door openings in every compartment of the body.

Attractive appearance with no exposed fasteners; rust resistant. Features a double-bitted, high-quality locking cylinder; adjustable striker pins; and an O-ring seal to prevent water intrusion.

Designed with 2″ dividers for more small item storage. Full access between all vertical compartments for longer tool storage.